Sayler Park Village Council

Sayler Park Village Council meetings are held at Sayler Park School at 6700 Home City Avenue every month, except January and July, unless otherwise noted. Parking is available in the lot and can be accessed from the driveway between the Community Center and Sayler Park School. Meetings start at 7:30 PM.

Please note that according to the Council Bylaws, a member’s dues must be paid 14 days in advance of a meeting in order to vote at said meeting.

Sayler Park Village Council Bylaws

Council Meeting Minutes

December 2017 Minutes
November 2017 Minutes
October 2017 Minutes
September 2017 Minutes
August 2017 Minutes
June 2017 Minutes
May 2017 Minutes
April 2017 Minutes
March 2017 Minutes
February 2017 Minutes
January 2017 Minutes
December 2016 Minutes

2018 Council Meeting Dates

February 5, 2018
March 5, 2018
April 2, 2018
May 7, 2018
June 4, 2018
August 6, 2018
September 10, 2018
October 1, 2018
November 5, 2018
December 3, 2018

Current Officers

President: Jackie Litchfield Apted,
Vice President: Garrett Gerard,
Secretary: Amanda Flick,
Treasurer: Mary Dornette,
Membership & Communications Secretary: Sienna Condy,

Standing Council Committees

Sayler Park Business District
Ellen Gerard,

Tom Wells

Harvest Fest
Theresa Brown and Bobbie Kellar

Sharon Sellet

Contact SPVC
PO Box 33178
Cincinnati OH 45233