Parks in Sayler Park

Sayler Park is known for its beautiful parks and is home to both the park with the longest riverfront access, Fernbank Park, on Route 50, and the smallest park in Cincinnati, Thornton Park, on the corner of Thornton Avenue and Gracely Drive.

Nelson Park

Nelson Sayler Memorial Park

Otherwise known as the Square, Nelson Sayler Memorial Park is located at the corner of Gracely Drive and Monitor Avenue and is home to the Sayler Park Farmers Market, Sayler Park Sustains, Oktoberfest, and the Sayler Park Harvest Festival.



Stuart Park

Stuart Park

Recently renovated Stuart Park, on Gracely Drive, features a play area for children under 5 and plenty of seating.




Thorton Park

Thornton Park

Located at the corner of Thornton and Gracely, Thornton Park is the smallest park in Cincinnati at 1/10th of an acre and features the famous Native American statue.




Fernbank Park

Located on Route 50 along the Ohio River, Fernbank Park offers a 1.2-mile paved trail, the 1.0-mile Sycamore nature trail, a large playground, and access to bank fishing on the Ohio River. Two shelters and Fernbank Lodge (the remaining lock tender’s house) are both reservable.

Fernbank Park was initially formed by merging 3 parks: Lee, River and the historic Fern Bank, which was once a former Army Corps of Engineers site for barge repair and maintenance of the wicket lock & dam #37. For more information on the history of Fernbank Park and the surrounding area, click here.

Fernbank Park is a regional park made possible through a partnership between the Cincinnati Park Board and Great Parks of Hamilton County.



McQueety Park

McQueety Park is the island park in the middle of Twain Avenue.




Fernbank Parkway

Chestnut Ridge Park

Chestnut Ridge Park is the island park in the middle of Fernbank Avenue.