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Sayler Park Farmer's Market 


Sayler Park Sustains


Sayler Park Historical Society


Sayler Park Auto Racing Club


Belisle Music Academy




Sayler Park Crime Reports


Sayler Park Crime and Arrests Report


Sayler Park Neighborhood Report






Fernbank Garden Club: The oldest continuously active garden club in Cincinnati. Working in the community since 1922. Visit online https://sites.google.com/site/fernbankgardenclub/




Cincinnati Police Academy


Another Citizens Police Academy is scheduled for March 20-May 8, eight consecutive Thursday nights at the Police Academy from 6-9pm.  Topics include:  Organizational Overview, Professional Standards, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team, Terrorism Early Warning Group, Laws of Arrest, Criminal Investigation Process, Mental Response Team, Gangs, Domestic Violence, Drug Awareness, Traffic Contacts, Use of Force and Personal Safety. 


Participants will also have an opportunity to experience the role of a police officer through the use of a firearms simulator. For a registration form and/or more information, contact Monica Ervin at 513-357-3562.  You may also email her with your request at monica.ervin@cincinnati-oh.gov



Summer School Registration Now Open


Registration is open for the 11 week summer school at the Community Memorial Center. Applications can be completed online at the Cincinnati Recreation Commission website, or in person at CMC, 6720 Home City Avenue, (513) 941-0102. Pool Memberships are also available at this time.



Community Service Organization Available


A community service organization is operating in Sayler Park. Based at Eden Chapel, Serving Sayler Park is working in conjunction with Sayler Park School, St. Al’s on the Ohio, and is accredited by the FreeStore Food Bank, providing food for Sayler Park children and residents in need. See the website for details. Eden Chapel Methodist Church is also hosting many other outreach programs, such as Al-Anon, Resume Building Seminars, AA, free dinners and other services and events. Become part of the Global Village.



Other News:


-The Sayler Park Historical Society meetings are March 18, April 15, and May 20, 7PM, at St Luke’s on Kirkwood Lane.


-The School Based Health and Wellness Clinic is still proceeding apace. They are interviewing providers and have received a grant to help pay for services for a year, and remodeling of the space as needed. The clinic will be housed at Sayler Park School, will be open during schools hours and into the evening. Its mission is to provide an alternative to the emergency room, and even (hopefully) provide classes in health and fitness.


-Sayler Park School is also doing a community garden this summer… the produce raised will be sold at the SP Farmer’s Market. Volunteers will be needed to get the planting and watering done, students will be involved in the whole process. Mr. Vale has received a grant that will provide building materials for the beds.



'Sayler Park, Stories That Must Be Told'


Have you ever wondered what Sayler Park and the surrounding areas were like between 1900 and 1960? What are the stories of the streets and homes, parks and festivals, the Dam and River Park, the doctors, the Indian mounds, the sports teams, the churches and schools, the farms, families and businesses and the way it was back in the day? This book is not a history book, but a book on life in Sayler Park through stories remembered by the residents that lived in and loved Sayler Park most of their lives.


'Sayler Park, Stories That Must Be Told', is now sold out but is available to read or checkout at the public library. There will also be a new book coming soon called 'Pictures That Must Be Seen' - Available in Spring of 2014.




Sayler Park Community Center located at 6720 Home City Ave. offers recreational programs for all ages. Programs include; Co- rec. Volleyball, Men’s Basketball, and Ceramics, to mention a few. The center also offers after school and summer camps for children 5 to 12 years of age. To help the youth of the community make healthy choices a variety of free programs are offered daily. Call the center for more program information or a schedule of our special events. (513) 941-0102





City of Cincinnati, Citizen Service Request Page:

Report a non emergency crime Cincinnati Police: 513-765-1212




Sayler Park School Information




Sayler Park Citizens on Patrol:





Curfew for children under the age of 15 is 10:00pm. Curfew for ages 16-17 is Midnight.


The Curfew Law is ilisted in the Cincinnati Municipal Code Section 911-27 - Curfew for Minors.


More information about this law can be found on the Cincinnati Municipal Code Website.








Church of Christ at Delhi

6248 Gracely Drive

(513) 941-2554

Facebook Page






Eden Chapel United Methodist Church

150 Dahlia Avenue

(513) 941-4183


Rev. Peter Matthews







First Baptist Church of Delhi

6515 Revere Avenue

(513) 941-7912






Sayler Park Church of Christ

6806 Parkland Avenue

(513) 941-6562






St Aloysius on the Ohio Roman Catholic Church

6207 Portage Street

(513) 941-3445







The Chapel of the Resurrection

7350 Kirkwood Lane

Community Meeting Center for: Al-Anon

Sayler Park Historical Society







Sayler Park School

6700 Home City Avenue

(513) 363-5100







St. Aloysius on the Ohio Elementary School

6207 Portage Street

(513) 941-7831













The upcoming Sayler Park Centennial was featured on the Examiner.com:



And from the Delhi Historical Society:





CityBeat feature on Second Saturday Series:





Information about 1974 Sayler Park Tornado





Short Woods Park Mound is a Native American mound located in Sayler Park. It is believed to have been built by people of the Adena culture. Measuring 38 feet high, the mound is an ellipse, approximately 175 feet long and 140 feet wide.



Because of its proven value as an archaeological site, the Short Woods Park Mound was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.


Indian Mound







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